Number 1 for a reason

We are all about passion at Designer Fragrances, we did not just want to make air fresheners, we set out to create something different, something special.

We believe scents are very personal, so back in 2010, we set out to tailor our range of scent oils inspired by market leading fragrances. Scents that not only freshen up your space, but ones that will infuse your emotions.

Since we launched in February of 2014, Designer Fragrances has firmly established itself as a contender to become the best & fastest selling air freshener range. Consumers prefer our scents, be it child memories of juicy Bubblegum or the smooth dark citrus scent of the Black Code, there is something for every nose.

All Designer Fragrances scents are made from natural oils & carefully selected ingredients to ensure our air fresheners not only freshen up your space but more importantly are safe for customers.

In over 3000 stores worldwide, and growing!

Currently stocked in 800 UK Forecourts, Designer Fragrances will soon be available across the UK & we aim to have national distribution across multi channels by the end of 2018.

We launched Oud Velvet in 2017, the first of the Oud Collection. Oud Velvet drifts like a breeze through the dunes of a desert. The fragrance seduces with Middle Eastern incense notes topping a heart of mysterious Oud and the sweetness & depth of Amber. The lingering soft base notes leave a final memory of sweet rose seduction.

Summer 2018 will see the release of Royal Oud Leather

The Original Collection

Our first collection launched in 2014, a tailored range created in collaboration with a famous perfume house. The Original Collection is made up of 6 unique fragrances with individualised designs that would suit any car interior & add the finishing touch to your space. Made from natural oils, The Original Collection is suitable for Home, Office & Vehicle, virtually to freshen up any space. Long lasting up to 28 days.

The Oud Collection

First launch within the range was hugely successful & popular, Oud Velvet, an oriental fragrance. The smoky scent of burning wood blends with that of sweet floral water on washed hands. That’s the scent of this smooth atmosphere, where rose, frankincense and resin linger. The fragrance is velvety and sensual, leaving a final memory of sweet rose seduction.

Royal Oud Leather, due for launch in August 2018, inspired by the love of leather this distinctive interpretation captures the primal, animalistic scent of leather & the exotic depth of Oud. The lingering soft sweet notes give this a modern aroma that is raw yet refined, sensual yet sophisticated.

The Classic Tin Collection

A range of 6 favourite fragrances made with premium oils to give your space a classic feel which you can enjoy for up to 60 days. Scents specially sourced from USA.